Partnering together with the Salvation Army to change lives in Birmingham


At WorkFaith Birmingham, we love partnering with local ministries and organizations in the city. We are thankful for the many churches and agencies that are making a difference in our community. We are excited to announce a new partnership between WorkFaith Birmingham and The Salvation Army here in Birmingham.

With a long history of meeting needs in communities throughout the nation, The Salvation Army is a wonderful, like-minded partner. Recently, they opened The Center of Hope and launched a new initiative, The Education & Workforce Development Center at this new facility.

WorkFaith Birmingham will be joining forces with the Salvation Army by holding WorkFaith Birmingham workshops at The Center of Hope. This will contribute to the work The Salvation Army is already doing by providing an additional avenue for individuals to receive workforce development and training.

"We are excited to partner with WorkFatih Birmingham and welcome them to our Center of Hope. This partnership will allow us to serve individuals across the Birmingham area equipping them to become employed and self-sufficient individuals earning a livable wage through basic life skills training and work preparedness seminars," Shanavia Moore, Director of Education and Workforce Development Center.

This partnership will also allow WorkFaith to continue to do what we're doing, while also greatly increasing our reach. We will be transitioning our monthly class, currently held at our office, to The Center for Hope (include location?). This will provide us with even more opportunities to reach more men and women, as we will have access to a wider pool of individuals facing employment barriers.

"We are excited about our new partnership with the The Salvation Army to help serve those that are in their education center programs to be able to obtain employment as they complete their education goals. Together, we hope to see more and more families reaching sustainable wages and enjoying God's good design for their lives," WorkFaith President and Founder, Keith Stanley. 

The first WorkFaith workshop will be held at The Center for Hope in January 2018. We are so excited about this opportunity to help even more men and women discover God's good design for work and faith. Will you pray with us that God will prepare us for this exciting opportunity? Also, join us in praying for God's continued provision for WorkFaith Birmingham. Thank you for being part of what God is doing here in Birmingham by praying for and supporting this ministry.

The Salvation Army Center of Hope is located at: 2015 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL. 35234