Junior Board highlight, Melissa Stewart

When I moved back to Birmingham in 2016, I already knew that I loved the city and wanted to plug into an organization that is making a difference. I first heard about WorkFaith Birmingham through a very close friend and was immediately drawn to the mission of this non-profit. I love that WorkFaith Birmingham is not just putting a Band-Aid on wide-spread issues in Birmingham, but they truly walk alongside individuals to help them get and keep a job, while also focusing on developing a biblical worldview and sharing the Gospel. I have been so amazed at the stories and transformation that happens as individuals go through the program and graduate. 

Melissa Stewart.jpg

I enjoy being able to use my marketing and PR background to develop ideas and campaigns for WorkFaith Birmingham. I am so thankful to be involved with an organization that allows me to use my gifts and abilities to play a small role in this big mission! I can't wait to see the ripple effects WorkFaith will have on Birmingham and beyond for years to come.