Graduate highlight - Jacqueline

Jacqueline on graduation day with instructor, Deborah Smith.

Jacqueline on graduation day with instructor, Deborah Smith.

My name is Jacqueline Moss, I am 35 years old, A funny, outgoing, and caring person, from here in Birmingham. I went to apply for family assistance (through what?) and was assigned to the Jobs Program and WOW, I met some of the most concerned, loving, caring people in my life. I was able to share my determination to succeed for myself and my children.

I was given a flyer about the Work Faith program from my jobs worker, and she said “ Jackie this is a big application packet, but if you want, you can fill it out and turn it in and see what happens because I think you would benefit from the program.” So there I was so curious and excited to fill out the application and turn it in, so I did and I met Ms. Kristi, she explained to me that I have to committed to this program. I  told her I was not good in interviews, I always freeze up. So I started my classes hoping and praying to accomplish a goal: to learn how to not freeze during interviews. I can say I learned more than just that. I was able to learn more about God. I realized I have more abilities and skills that I really did not pick up on until this class. Work Faith is more than just a program. I was able to share things in my life that I do not talk about, and to see what I can improve and change within myself. I learned why knowing who I am goes a long way no matter what I’m doing, where I am, or who I’m around.

I want to pass what I have learned to others because this experience was a gift from God, I am a woman of God who is determined to succeed and be successful in life in a positive way. I know my struggle and it’s real, but I will always put God first in my life and keep moving forward knowing that he is always with me.

My Instructor Mrs. Smith was more than an instructor to me, she was a blessing, and so is everyone in Work Faith.