Give the Gift of Work in 2018

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After 40 years of urban and low income community transformation efforts, Robert Lupton says in his book, Toxic Charity, that the best thing anyone can do to change the trajectory of a person’s life is to help them get a job. WorkFaith Birmingham is seeking to do exactly that while also giving them the gospel and a Biblical worldview of life and work. In 2017, we have been able to empower 213 adults in transition with the skills, values, and perspectives they need to enjoy the dignity of work and God’s good design for their lives.

We hope to serve more than that number in 2018, but we need your financial partnership to continue to accomplish our new goals as we grow our partnerships in the city. Without work, a person will always need the ongoing support of others, while with work, they can experience the dignity of providing for their family and helping others as well.

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