A Word from Board Member, Clark Watson

Clark Watson.jpg

Being a life-long resident of the greater Birmingham area, I have always had a great affinity for the City of Birmingham, including the people who live and work there. Before WorkFaith Birmingham was ever conceived, I had volunteered with urban ministries that focus on the people of Birmingham who have significant physical and spiritual needs. My wife Debbie had always been heavily invested in urban ministry so I also learned much from her. When Keith Stanley first mentioned to me a ministry such a WFB, I was extremely interested. As we met with leaders of a similar ministry in Texas, I began to see the potential for our great city.

Many people are talking about a “renaissance” in Birmingham today. I am grateful for the many commercial, construction and recreational advances that the city has benefitted from in recent years. But those nice things are only temporary. True God-honoring change in the city, that can endure from generation to generation, can be achieved only by people who come in faith to Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and Savior. WFB takes this hope to some of the “hard places” of Birmingham by providing soft-skills training, showing respect for each client, connecting them with potential employers, giving them a hope in spite of their past mistakes, and, most importantly, saturating all of the instruction and training with Bible-centered teaching about the God who loves.

As the ministry has progressed, the results have been astounding. God continues to show His favor upon our students, instructors and employers, and I am praying that WorkFaith Birmingham will obtain, in time, the resources necessary to expand beyond its present student capacity. I have been blessed by the relationships I have made through WFB, and I hope that many others will find ways to volunteer in this wonderful ministry.