Celebrating More than 400 Graduates!

Class 53 participants at their graduation ceremony at The Lovelady Center

Class 53 participants at their graduation ceremony at The Lovelady Center

Since launching in 2013, we have seen countless lives impacted through WorkFaith Birmingham, and just last month we reached more than 400 total WorkFaith graduates. Our mission is to empower adults facing employment barriers with the skills, competencies, and ethics they need to enjoy God's good design for work and faith. Each of these 400 plus graduates have been equipped with the tools they need and the confidence they often lack, preparing them to leave the program ready and eager to find and keep a job.

Every WorkFaith graduate has been empowered to enjoy transformed lives through work and faith. We constantly hear amazing testimonies from the men and women who complete the program. 

"This class instilled in me hope, confidence, and a stronger faith in God, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to learn more about how to obtain a job." -Brooke

"I really enjoyed WorkFaith because it taught me how to talk about my past in a healthy way and gave me the tools I needed to get back into the workforce and be successful in life." -Lauren

"I've been at The Lovelady Center for almost 10 months and now have the best relationship with my children. I signed up for WorkFaith so I could learn the tools I need to be the best client rep ever. I've had the most amazing experience with Tamika and Pam. They have shown me how I can incorporate my faith into my everyday work life." -Danielle

There are many more Brookes, Laurens and Danielles out there who need a helping hand and a fresh start. We need your help to continue meeting these needs, so that the chronically unemployed in Birmingham have the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. Every dollar donated and every hour spent volunteering can make a difference in someone's life.

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