Exciting Updates from WorkFaith Birmingham!

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WorkFaith Clay Shoot Fundraising Event

On May 11 WorkFaith held the first ever Top Gun Sporting Clay Challenge Fundraiser. Through many amazing volunteers and fundraisers, more than $77,000 (before expenses) was raised to help hire an Executive Director for this ministry. Praise God for his provision!

We had 32 individuals participate in the event, including some who didn't know much about WorkFaith. Not only were we able to raise needed finances, but we also had the opportunity to share the vision of this ministry with new partners and friends. We are excited to see how God continues to use the connections made to further this ministry.

We are so grateful for all of the volunteers and donors who helped make this event a success. We couldn't have done it without them. 

Watch our event video here. Read the remainder of our newsletter here.

WorkFaith Reaches Exciting Milestone


WorkFaith Birmingham began holding workshops four years ago, and on March 23, 2018, we reached more than 500 total graduates since the beginning. Praise the Lord for this milestone! Each of these men and women have been impacted with the Gospel and empowered with the skills they need to succeed in getting and keeping a job. 

We love watching God use WorkFaith workshops to impact the lives of our graduates. 

Like Whitney and Misty from a recent class at the Lovelady Center. These two ladies did so well in their mock interviews, and were particularly impressive to one of our mock interview volunteers, that he arranged interviews for them the week after graduation and hired them both.

Or Tommy, a recent graduate who said, "My perspective on life is different now...WorkFaith has had a major impact on my life, and it helped me gain a better understanding about my need for spiritual development."

And Kelly, from one of our Salvation Army classes who showed up without a resume or any job prospects. During the class he put together a resume and came up with a job search plan. Now he has a job as a carpenter for a local company, and WorkFaith was able to help him find a place to live. He has constantly remarked about God's blessings and provision in his life. 

So many of our graduates show up for a WorkFaith workshop defeated and hopeless. But when they leave the class, they are confident, empowered, and ready to succeed in finding a job and a new direction in life. Many of them grow closer to God during the class, as they hear the Gospel and study His Word. And some graduates even make decisions to begin following Christ during the workshop. 

Over the last four years, we've been helped along the way by many faithful partners. Individuals, churches and businesses have come alongside of this ministry to provide support and encouragement to help us serve over 500 men and women in Birmingham. What has happened here at WorkFaith has truly been a team effort, and we are grateful to God for all who have played a part in what God is doing here. Thank you for the role you have played. We hope you will continue to be a part of what God is doing at WorkFaith. 

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Media Contact:
Melissa Stewart, WFB Junior Board

March 26, 2018



WorkFaith Birmingham is excited to see partnerships grow in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—WorkFaith Birmingham started workshops in 2014 to help break a cycle of hopelessness by empowering adults with employment barriers to obtain and keep a job. Over the last year, WorkFaith Birmingham has been thrilled to create new partnerships that allow the organization to serve more individuals with their two-week workshop and follow-up job coaching.

Program participants learn how to correctly fill out an application, create a resume to highlight their skills, tell their story in 30 seconds, speak honestly and ethically about their past, identify potential employers, apply online, network and more. In order to graduate, participants also participate in mock interviews. As a Christian ministry, WorkFaith Birmingham teaches a Biblical worldview about life, work, ethics, values, and how work fits into God’s overall good design and purpose for life.

“We are amazed at how God is using WorkFaith Birmingham to create a new trajectory for our graduates,” said Keith Stanley, WorkFaith Birmingham founder. “During recent mock interviews, one interviewer was very impressed with two of our participants. He offered them job interviews with his company and both received a job.”

On March 23, WorkFaith Birmingham was overjoyed to reach a new milestone, over 500 graduates. The most recent class took place in partnership with Salvation Army.

According to Stanley, “we are excited to see WorkFaith Birmingham’s outreach continue to grow. In less than six months, we have had over one hundred program participants, and we continue to see 80 percent of our clients find employment after the workshop. We are thankful for the way that God has blessed this ministry and its graduates.”

WorkFaith Birmingham is currently undergoing an Executive Director search. The organization is also continuing to grow its volunteer team.

Those interested can learn more and donate at: www.workfaithbhm.org.  

About WorkFaith Birmingham

WorkFaith Birmingham is a Christ-centered initiative designed to help churches join together to address chronic unemployment in the urban areas of Birmingham. The mission of the organization is to give adults in transition an opportunity to develop the confidence and life skills needed to become employable. Since 2014, more than 500 people have graduated from WorkFaith Birmingham’s program. WorkFaith is a 501(c)(3).


  WorkFaith Birmingham’s most recent graduating class celebrated at The Salvation Army on March 23. During the event, Pastor Price, with Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, encouraged graduates.

WorkFaith Birmingham’s most recent graduating class celebrated at The Salvation Army on March 23. During the event, Pastor Price, with Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, encouraged graduates.

Graduate Update...

 Tolandria came by to ring the bell at WorkFaith, and to let us know about this great new opportunity!

Tolandria came by to ring the bell at WorkFaith, and to let us know about this great new opportunity!

Tolandria is a WorkFaith graduate from three and a half years ago who has been working temporary jobs with Local 559 Labor International Union since graduating. She has now entered an apprenticeship program with Vector Force Development in the gas industry. Once she completes her training, she will be hired by the company at a very competitive wage, and will be on the path to a new career. Before she left to start training out of state, she stopped by WorkFaith to update us and ring the bell. Praise God for providing Tolandria with this great career opportunity! WorkFaith is committed to supporting our graduates until they find careers. Your financial support helps us support them. 

Give the Gift of Work in 2018

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After 40 years of urban and low income community transformation efforts, Robert Lupton says in his book, Toxic Charity, that the best thing anyone can do to change the trajectory of a person’s life is to help them get a job. WorkFaith Birmingham is seeking to do exactly that while also giving them the gospel and a Biblical worldview of life and work. In 2017, we have been able to empower 213 adults in transition with the skills, values, and perspectives they need to enjoy the dignity of work and God’s good design for their lives.

We hope to serve more than that number in 2018, but we need your financial partnership to continue to accomplish our new goals as we grow our partnerships in the city. Without work, a person will always need the ongoing support of others, while with work, they can experience the dignity of providing for their family and helping others as well.

To read more from our December newsletter, click here

WorkFaith Birmingham informational meetings

Starting this Wednesday, we will begin hosting periodic informational meetings at The Salvation Army Center of Hope (2015 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, 35234). These meetings will take place on Wednesday from 9:00am-10:00am. The following are the upcoming dates: 

Wednesday, December 13

Wednesday, January 3

Wednesday, January 31

We will share about the program and also handout and process applications. For further information about these meetings, or our program, please call 205.545.5000.

Partnering together with the Salvation Army to change lives in Birmingham


At WorkFaith Birmingham, we love partnering with local ministries and organizations in the city. We are thankful for the many churches and agencies that are making a difference in our community. We are excited to announce a new partnership between WorkFaith Birmingham and The Salvation Army here in Birmingham.

With a long history of meeting needs in communities throughout the nation, The Salvation Army is a wonderful, like-minded partner. Recently, they opened The Center of Hope and launched a new initiative, The Education & Workforce Development Center at this new facility.

WorkFaith Birmingham will be joining forces with the Salvation Army by holding WorkFaith Birmingham workshops at The Center of Hope. This will contribute to the work The Salvation Army is already doing by providing an additional avenue for individuals to receive workforce development and training.

"We are excited to partner with WorkFatih Birmingham and welcome them to our Center of Hope. This partnership will allow us to serve individuals across the Birmingham area equipping them to become employed and self-sufficient individuals earning a livable wage through basic life skills training and work preparedness seminars," Shanavia Moore, Director of Education and Workforce Development Center.

This partnership will also allow WorkFaith to continue to do what we're doing, while also greatly increasing our reach. We will be transitioning our monthly class, currently held at our office, to The Center for Hope (include location?). This will provide us with even more opportunities to reach more men and women, as we will have access to a wider pool of individuals facing employment barriers.

"We are excited about our new partnership with the The Salvation Army to help serve those that are in their education center programs to be able to obtain employment as they complete their education goals. Together, we hope to see more and more families reaching sustainable wages and enjoying God's good design for their lives," WorkFaith President and Founder, Keith Stanley. 

The first WorkFaith workshop will be held at The Center for Hope in January 2018. We are so excited about this opportunity to help even more men and women discover God's good design for work and faith. Will you pray with us that God will prepare us for this exciting opportunity? Also, join us in praying for God's continued provision for WorkFaith Birmingham. Thank you for being part of what God is doing here in Birmingham by praying for and supporting this ministry.

The Salvation Army Center of Hope is located at: 2015 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL. 35234

Graduate highlight - Jacqueline

 Jacqueline on graduation day with instructor, Deborah Smith.

Jacqueline on graduation day with instructor, Deborah Smith.

My name is Jacqueline Moss, I am 35 years old, A funny, outgoing, and caring person, from here in Birmingham. I went to apply for family assistance (through what?) and was assigned to the Jobs Program and WOW, I met some of the most concerned, loving, caring people in my life. I was able to share my determination to succeed for myself and my children.

I was given a flyer about the Work Faith program from my jobs worker, and she said “ Jackie this is a big application packet, but if you want, you can fill it out and turn it in and see what happens because I think you would benefit from the program.” So there I was so curious and excited to fill out the application and turn it in, so I did and I met Ms. Kristi, she explained to me that I have to committed to this program. I  told her I was not good in interviews, I always freeze up. So I started my classes hoping and praying to accomplish a goal: to learn how to not freeze during interviews. I can say I learned more than just that. I was able to learn more about God. I realized I have more abilities and skills that I really did not pick up on until this class. Work Faith is more than just a program. I was able to share things in my life that I do not talk about, and to see what I can improve and change within myself. I learned why knowing who I am goes a long way no matter what I’m doing, where I am, or who I’m around.

I want to pass what I have learned to others because this experience was a gift from God, I am a woman of God who is determined to succeed and be successful in life in a positive way. I know my struggle and it’s real, but I will always put God first in my life and keep moving forward knowing that he is always with me.

My Instructor Mrs. Smith was more than an instructor to me, she was a blessing, and so is everyone in Work Faith.

Junior Board highlight, Melissa Stewart

When I moved back to Birmingham in 2016, I already knew that I loved the city and wanted to plug into an organization that is making a difference. I first heard about WorkFaith Birmingham through a very close friend and was immediately drawn to the mission of this non-profit. I love that WorkFaith Birmingham is not just putting a Band-Aid on wide-spread issues in Birmingham, but they truly walk alongside individuals to help them get and keep a job, while also focusing on developing a biblical worldview and sharing the Gospel. I have been so amazed at the stories and transformation that happens as individuals go through the program and graduate. 

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I enjoy being able to use my marketing and PR background to develop ideas and campaigns for WorkFaith Birmingham. I am so thankful to be involved with an organization that allows me to use my gifts and abilities to play a small role in this big mission! I can't wait to see the ripple effects WorkFaith will have on Birmingham and beyond for years to come.